At Least One Person Cares

The charity that counts…every penny!

We are a completely transparent, humanitarian relief nonprofit organization dedicated to helping as many people as possible; those who are going through temporary hardships, those who are handicapped and those who do not have the means to help themselves.

Every single cent that goes in or out of our nonprofit, whether spent on operating expenses or on helping the community is posted online for everyone to see. If there was any money spent, all the receipts are online as well. Form 990’s are just not enough.

Watchdog charities are a thing of the past. You should not have the need to go through third party websites to find out where your money is being spent.

You can see what we mean by clicking here.

At Least One Person Cares Programs

Your donations will go to one of the following categories. Please choose one.

General Fund

Our General Fund covers aid in these categories: medical, shelter, food, clothing, school supplies and anything deemed appropriate by the ALOPC Board of Directors.

Charitable Events

Take part in helping us introduce ALOPC Man to the world!

Help Us Globalize

This campaign was set up for the sole purpose of expanding into new territories and building for a better future.

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